Animal Diets
Our animals are fed natural feeds that they would encounter if the were roaming wild.

The cattle are rotated every 1-2 days onto one of our 15+ pastures that we have set up. This allows for the cattle to graze of the most nutrient rich grasses while leaving behind fertilizer evenly distributed in the pasture. During the winter, the cattle are fed grass hay. Our calves and yearlings are placed onto a diet of whole cottonseed, alfalfa pellets, soybean meal along with free choice hay. We DO NOT feed grain to our cattle as it can upset the balance of microbial activity in the rumen of cattle. Unfortunately, in captivity cattle are not able to migrate like they would in the wild which means we do need to supplement the younger animals so they reach their potential and we have found this mix to work well for us.

The other animals on the farm are allowed to graze during the growing season and then fed hay during the winter months. The chickens live in a portable house that gets rotated around the pastures behind the cattle so they can spread seeds and eat insects all day long. Our goats are used to control weeds that the cows won't eat so we have few weeds to remove by hand and no chemicals need to be used on our pastures.

All of our animals have 24 hr access to trace mineral blocks, salt blocks and diatomaceous earth. This combination has provided us with healthier and faster growing animals.
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