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Trip Wire
Gender: Bull
Parent Testing: Yes
Birth Date: 5/10/2012
Date of Picture: 5/24/2016
Price: $35/STRAW US, Europe, & Australia
TH- 82.5" TTT- 70.5" Base- 17"

Sire: Clear Win

Dam: Bizarre
Gender: Bull
DNA Tissue Sample: No
Birth Date: 4/11/2011
Date of Picture: 7/6/2014
Price: SOLD
TH- 93" TTT- 65.5" Base- 17.125"

Sire: WS Jamakizm

Dam: Tem Frolic
Heaven On Earth Ranch
Sale Barn
Grass-Fed Beef
We have had some great past sires developing our herd into some of the best built animals in the breed. Docile genetics have also been important in our breeding program for easy keeping cattle. Heaven on Earth has some great calves on the ground, AIed to Goldmine 1, owned by Pace Cattle Company. Beretta 531 from Timber Ridge Longhorns has also been used for some 2018 calves. We are happy with our new cover bull, Y4 Optimus Prime, a Star Base Commander son. We are excited to AI again next year with more Goldmine 1 semen and any new up and coming bulls.
Heaven on Earth strives for big bodied and easy keeping animals. We have a great selection of steers ready to be butchered for quality grass-fed beef. If interested in beef or wanting to take a look at our steers available to purchase to raise your own, send us a message and we can show you what animals we have available! We wait a year on some bull calves to see how they are maturing to decide if they are quality animals to keep for breeding or move on to our grass-fed beef program.
Grab Bag
Reference Sires
Y4 Optimus Prime
Gender: Bull
DNA Tissue Sample: Yes
Birth Date: 5/19/2014
Date of Picture: 8/19/2018
Price: $3,000
TH- 82 7/8" TTT- 67.5" Base-

Sire: Starbase Commander

Dam: STR Stars on Ice