Steel Sunset

Heifer 4/09/2014 $ Inquire

TCC SB Sissy

Cow 5/18/2003 $ Inquire

Grab the Ribber

Steer 4/25/2014 $1500

HT Cowboy

Steer 6/01/2014 $1500

Seriously Twisted

 Heifer 6/12/2014 $ Inquire

Grabalicious Pinkie Pie

Heifer 4/23/2014 $2000

Grab A Carmel Sundae

Too Victorious to Grab

Heifer 4/19/2014 $2000

Stormie's Victory Lap

Cow 4/15/2011 $3000

Princess Tiara Ella

Cow 4/23/2009 $2500

Tilly the Hun

Cow 5/26/2012 $3000

Carmel Blizzard

Cow 5/14/2010 $3500

NB Sittin Away

Cow 9/01/2009 $Inquire

Storm Blossom

Heifer 5/18/2013 $2500

Trip Wire

Lady Marion

Bull 05/10/2012 $3500
Cow 5/20/2006 $2000

Grab Bag

Bull 4/11/2011 $5000

Lord Antioch

Steer 7/28/2008 $2000


Cow 4/08/2003 $3500
Trip Wire
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Cow 4/26/2011 $5000
Lady Marion Pinkalicious Princess Tiara Ella heaven_on_earth1008029.gif heaven_on_earth1008028.gif NB Sittin Away heaven_on_earth1008026.gif Tilly the Hun heaven_on_earth1008024.gif Carmel Blizzard heaven_on_earth1008022.gif Heaven On Earth Ranch heaven_on_earth1008020.gif Storm Blossom heaven_on_earth1008018.gif heaven_on_earth1008017.gif heaven_on_earth1008016.gif heaven_on_earth1008015.gif TCC SB Sissy Grab the Ribber HT Cowboy Seriously Twisted heaven_on_earth1008010.gif Grabalicious Pinky Pie heaven_on_earth1008008.gif Thelma heaven_on_earth1008006.gif Grab A Carmel Sundae
Heifer 6/19/2014 $10,000
heaven_on_earth1008004.gif Too Victorious to Grab heaven_on_earth1008002.gif Steel Sunset
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